Teen Vogue – Strictly Ballet

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What do you think of the Teen Vogue Mini Series “Strictly Ballet”?

The exclusive series produced by Teen Vogue follows the lives of these six students and what their daily lives entail at the infamous School of American Ballet.  How cool!

If you havn’t watched all 18 episodes yet (or if you are like us and have watched half of them all in one day…) here is the link!


Let us know your thoughts on the program in the comments below!  


What’s in the Bag?!


Megan is a professional dancer and actress in Los Angeles appearing in multiple star-studded music videos, national advertisement campaigns, and feature films.  We are so happy that Megan commutes down to Orange County to teach lyrical jazz, musical theater, and private dance lessons at local dance studio Huntington Academy of Dance.

We asked Megan,”What is in your dance bag?!”

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1.  Black bag.  Megan’s signature style is classic Hollywood glamour, but with a little edge.  Megan keeps everything she owns, and dances in, a neutral shade of classic black.

2.  Bunheads Toe Tape.  Megan’s feet are subject to some bashing on the many dance floors she performs, teaches, and rehearses on.  Toe Tape saves the day by protecting her little piggies from blisters and bumps.  ($5.00. Available at Dance Threadz.)

3.  Five extra pairs of black socks.  No shoes for this modern-dancing maven!  Being a lyrical teacher keeps her dancing 7+ hours a day, so she prefers to be comfortable and free to spin in basic black socks.

4.  Bottle of Advil.  As an experienced dancer, Megan knows that a long day in the studio affects her body in both good and bad ways.  Advil helps to ease those aches and pains associated with the hard-core moves we dancers put ourselves through.

5.  Red Lipstick.  In case of a last minute audition, or a quick make-up touch up, Megan always keeps her favorite red lipstick handy.

6.  Bunheads Theraband.  Available in three different strengths, Therabands are an essential part of any dancer’s life. Your ankles, and all the muscles surrounding those bones, need to be kept healthy and strong.  Megan uses her Theraband to warm up her body before class, and in her down time to help protect her muscles.  ($10.00. Available at Dance Threadz.)

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What’s in your dance bag?!  Post your three favorite things in the comments below!! 

Bloch Split Sole Pointe Shoes

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Have you tried Bloch’s new stretchPointe shoes?!  The stretch satin hugs your foot giving you more opportunity to show off that beautiful foot.  The split sole enhances the under arch even more than traditional full shank pointe shoes.  Let us know what you think!

Want to give them a try?  Call Dance Threadz HB at (714) 377-9902 to schedule a personal pointe shoe fitting.

We carry the Bloch Eurostretch and Dramatic stretchPointe shoes in stock.

Get the Right Fit at Dance Threadz!

Incorrect fitting pointe shoes can create many problems!

One of the most important benefits as a Dance Threadz customer is the availability of personal private pointe shoe fitting with Marylou. This fitting is crucial for the young, new, or more experienced dancer.

Every dancer has unique feet, with variations that include toe length and shape, arch flexibility, and mechanical strength. Consequently, most pointe shoe manufacturers produce more than one model of shoe, with each offering a different fit, and they also offer custom fitted shoes.



Dancers break in, or soften, new pointe shoes in order to improve their fit and thus eliminate the discomfort caused by new shoes. Various methods are employed for breaking in new pointe shoes including; deforming them against hard surfaces,  striking them with blunt objects, wetting the toe boxes and then wearing them, and heating them to soften the glues. The trade off is that these methods may shorten a pointe shoe’s usable lifetime.


kako-uqtRK5FCKstynEgpMost pointe shoes are covered with satin, but some are available with canvas exteriors. Pointe shoes are most often available in light pink colors and less commonly in black and white. They can often times be ordered in other custom colors.

A dancer may experience discomfort while wearing a pointe shoe even after the shoe has been broken in.  Several devices are commonly used to mitigate the discomfort:


Toe pads are pouches that encapsulate and cushion the toes from the unyielding box and prevent friction that can cause blistering. These are typically made from thin, fabric-covered gel sheets.kako-hcZiSq6BuRG4LKrI

Gel toe spacers of various shapes and sizes are inserted between toes; these serve to adjust toe spacing and alignment so as to alleviate pain at the bunion joint between the big toe and first toe.

Lambswool is stretched and wrapped around toes to reduce chafing and the likelihood of blisters. After several uses, the lambswool becomes densely packed and custom fitted to the dancer’s foot.
Tape is wrapped around toes to reduce chafing and blisters.

To schedule a fitting at our store in Huntington Beach, call (714) 377-9902.